Welcome to the SERVE class. This is the last class in your Eastwood Journey. Please sign up using the form on this page to continue your journey today. Each of these classes builds on the other, so please click here in order to make sure that you have completed the BELONG, GROW, and SHARE classes before signing up to take this course. 
We are convinced that you must first be committed to membership in a church family and committed to the habits for spiritual growth before you are ready for ministry. Membership and Spiritual Growth are the foundations for Ministry.

What to Expect in This Class:

First we will focus on what the Bible says about ministry and Eastwood’s strategy for ministry. We will then look at the Five Personal Factors that continue to shape the “real” you. By identifying the specific traits you possess in each of these areas, the ministry for which God has designed you for will become clearer. Finally, you will have the opportunity to sign-up for ministry and start serving!