Welcome to the SHARE class. This class is the 3rd step in your Eastwood Journey. Please sign up using the form on this page to continue your journey today. Since each class in the Journey builds on the other, you should have already completed both the BELONG and GROW classes. If you have not completed either one of these classes, please click here to sign up today. 
This is the name of the life development process that we believe God helped us design for you and our church. It is a roadmap to turn you, not only into a fully-developing follower of Christ, but also into a fully-engaged member of the Eastwood Baptist Church family. You have completed the first two legs of the journey:
  • In the BELONG class – you committed to be a member of God’s family.
  • In the GROW class – you committed to the habits for spiritual growth.
  • In the SHARE class – you will begin to discover how to share your faith. 

The Goal of This Seminar:

To lead you to make a commitment to live your life on-mission and help you make sharing the gospel of Jesus a lifestyle for the rest of your life. 

The Class Outline:

  • Session One: Why the Mission of Jesus Must Matter to Me
  • Session Two: Sharing My Story Comfortably
  • Session Three: Sharing His Story – Easily
  • Session Four: Your Personal Evangelism Strategy


After completing the SHARE class, you are ready for your next part of the journey. Click here to sign up for SERVE.