Eastwood Kids is committed to partnering with you, the parent, in your attempt to lay down a spiritual foundation, that in God’s timing, will lead your children into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our kid’s team strongly desires to support you in fulfilling your God-given responsibility of launching them on a life-long journey into a relationship with Jesus.




Eastwood Students is designed to reach students from 6th – 12th grade with the good news about the love and hope of Jesus. It’s not a youth group or a cheesy club; instead, our student ministry is a movement to change the world through God’s love. Jesus’ mission is a revolution to bring complete change into the lives of people by setting them free from sin and bringing them into a new life. 




The adult ministries at Eastwood are alive and active. Whether you want to take part in one of our D-Groups, spend some time just socializing with new friends, or serving in the community with others. Eastwood offers various ways to stay connected with others in this season of your life.